Tokenomics Plan

Utility of tokens

Within the AIxBlock ecosystem, our native tokens are not just a medium for paying transaction fees; they are the cornerstone of our financial ecosystem. Sellers, GPU providers, and contributors receive payments in these tokens, integrating them deeply into the platform's operations. This approach ensures a streamlined and unified transaction process, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

While we maintain the flexibility for users to opt for fiat currency payments, those choosing to utilize our native tokens will benefit from a reduced fee structure. This incentivized approach not only fosters the use of our tokens, enhancing their utility and circulation within the ecosystem, but also offers a cost-effective solution for our users.

For added flexibility, these tokens can be converted into fiat or other stable coins through various exchanges, including DEXs and CEXs. Looking towards the future, AIxBlock intends to integrate off-ramp services directly into the platform. This will enable users to effortlessly convert their tokens into local currencies, right within the AIxBlock environment.